Naked Yoga Class for Men – Denver, Co

Start Date : April 8, 2019
End Date : April 8, 2019
Time : 7:00 PM to9:30 PM


Group Naked Yoga Classes for Men in Denver Colorado

Every Monday

Classes are every Monday evening (unless canceled by special notification) – doors open 7:00 pm, doors locked promptly at 7:20 pm at class start time.  Absolutely NO LATE admittance to class as it is disruptive to the yogis who are on time!

Every Hatha Class is appropriate for all yoga skill levels, including first-timers.

Monthly Class Schedule

1st Monday of the month: Hatha Flow (Open to all skill levels, including first timers)

2nd Monday: Partner Yoga  – (Some level of yoga experience is helpful in Partner classes)

3rd Monday: Hatha Flow

4th Monday: Partner Yoga (Some level of yoga experience is helpful in Partner classes)

5th Monday:  In the event of a 5th Monday in a month, that class will be dedicated to a Hybrid Partner/Hatha class and ALL skill levels are welcome to join in these classes

Periodically a Partner Yoga with Potluck Snacks & Beverages may be offered (B.Y.O. Snack and Favorite Beverage) – Look for special announcements via email.

Doors open at 7 pm! Please arrive before class to fill out a waiver form (for your first class – photo ID required), sign in, pay, warm up and get settled. Classes typically run 75-90 minutes.

Following class, ANY yogi may organize an après yoga dinner afterward – please check-in with the person organizing the dinner on restaurant location, everyone is responsible for their own tab.

Preparing for Class

Cash, Venmo (contact for Venmo payment details) or check (to be completed at time of check-in) only

Arrive clean/no strong fragrances; personal hygiene is appreciated and REQUIRED!

Bring a yoga mat, yoga strap and yoga block (some loaner yoga equipment is available if you are traveling or don’t have your own), towel and water

Mention any pre-existing injuries or special conditions to the teacher before class

Classes are ongoing on a drop-in basis; no pre-registration required

New students are required to show a photo I.D. and sign a liability waiver (all personal information is kept private and confidential)

Do not attend if you have an outbreak of a contagious skin disorder that is communicable through touch (herpes, crabs, scabies, genital warts) or if you are sick with a cold or flu – please use common sense and avoid getting others sick

Class Descriptions

For Beginners:

Our Beginner yoga class is focused on some of the basic and most frequently used asanas in Hatha Yoga. We explore postures, taking the time to explain body alignment with a pace which encourages questions and answers during class.  It encourages each yogi’s exploration of balancing energies of the Mind, Body and Spirit, through breath and movement.  Beginner’s classes are suitable for the First Timer to yoga, as well as the yogi who wishes a refresher.

Hatha Flow:

Our Hatha Flow classes begin with centering and focus on breath work as the means to meet the challenges of a Vinyasa flow which may involve standing postures, twists, forward bends, backbends, inversions, and balancing, wrapping up with a final relaxation. These classes are geared toward all levels of yoga experience.

Partner Yoga:

You need not bring a partner unless you wish to. You be paired with a partner for class. In our Partner Yoga classes, participants are paired up to incorporate the personal growth of a solo yoga practice with exploration of growth in relationship (not just in terms of intimate relationship, but also in terms of relationship with the wider human community). Each pose is done with a partner to explore resistance, cooperation and, in some cases, finding much deeper expressions of familiar poses.  Our partner yoga classes are suitable for the intermediate yoga practitioner.

The practice of partner yoga also delves into healing sensuality and touch, which so many of us crave at a deep, intrinsic level and which so few of us receive enough of. Finally, partner yoga is a practice in moving gracefully into intuition and feeling.

If you have questions or want to join the group, please send us an email and one of our members will be in touch with you.


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Denver Nude Yoga


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